Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Oh the achievement today at the park :D AND It was lovely out too!!!

I was awake at 7am ish again but today I could not be bothered to get up and out of bed before 9am even though I was awake. Still when I did get up expecting there to be no water, there was. So the water shortage I was expecting was well non-existent. I didn't bother or need to walk to Reviere and to be honest I've seen it and it is not as nice, bright or clean as good ol Caplin. 

Well I did my exercise session covering 3.52km in 30 minutes, i did 3km in 25 minutes, I want to shave of 5 minutes somehow but in time that will come. I did manage to jog at 8km/hr for 10 minutes this time and then a 2 minute rest before doing another 5 minute at 8km/hr and I even did 10km/hr for 2 minutes all at 3% incline. That felt like such a good workout sesh and I recovered pretty quickly too. My SATs remained pretty good dropping no lower than 96% which is awesome. I did my DNAs and Salbutmol nebs before my sesh and i think they helped as I didn't wheez too much this time, but the wheez did come back though. I think the wheezing may just be my ABPA playing up but will see.

After doing my other bits, meds, acapella, lunch etc. I walked down to the hospital grounds with Lonnie and chatted to her before chilling in the grounds and reading a mag. It was too nice to stay in. Then I went back up for a bit, did my nebs and then went for a jog in the park. I was so pleased with myself today, I managed to do two full laps of the park without stopping (well I did a lap, walked, and did another lap). I did a lap in 10 minutes 30 seconds. So that was such a good session, though my legs felt so achy after that, but in a good (I have been worked well) way. I then just chilled for a little bit after that, had a sit in the hall and went back over to the park to chill out and call my close mate Louise, ahh love louise, she is so sweet, we have been there for each other so many times. She is dating this guy, im so hoping it works out for her, bless her, she really needs something nice like that, she really deserves a good relationship after her last one. I then phoned me other mate Aran, his nuts and we are so gay (in a funny way), its so funny. Can't wait to see him again :)

When I got back from the park, i just chilled out and then went and chatted to Carol (my second Mum :D) for a while until dinner came up. We just chat about anything really, I and I talk to her about things on my mind too :) I've known her near 4 years now, wow how time flies. Dinner came and I got some like a piece of cod, well think that was what it was, but I left that. I got belly ache again after eating :( 

Seems my blockage has got worse dam it :( My belly has got bigger again so ugh, the Doctor felt and said my belly is still packed up.  Oh well, I don't think I will be going home tomorrow now dam it. Not only that im still getting wheezy and this time the doctor heard it, so Salbutmol nebs for me 4 times per day and hopefully they will help. I then went out again and chatted a bit to Carol, though I was a little out of breath, think that was cus of my belly, ugh.

I had a nap after Carol went, think I needed, I felt so tired out, think all this exercise is doing me great but really making me tired out now, but i will be persuing my regime of exercise, I am starting to feel the difference and it feels so good. Later after I had rested I went back on the treadmill for 10 minutes at 10% elevation at 5km/hr. That was still hard work but good. 

After that, pure chillage :) been chatting to mates online and resting in bed between meds and shabazle. 

Well it is ward round again, yes that time of the week is once again upon us (monday and thursday), so I will see what the plan of action will be. I have little hope of going home, but then who knows. Still, if i can't go home then I will ask for day release to see my mum on sunday. Ah love my Mum, she has always been there for me and I think me and my Dad are starting to get closer now. Im not sure how much exercise I will get in tomorrow, hopefully three sessions again, but I will do my morning one at least anyway. 

Nighty nights xxx

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Jog on the parklands and waterfree in the morrow

Today I had another early session (8:30am) on the treadmill and it was a good distance and time, I did 3.41km using the Fartlek (interval training) technique and a managed 30 minutes. I then decided to go to the park for a chill out by the lake as it was I lovely day again. I had a natter to my dad on the phone while there, he was trying to plant seeds so the plants would be ready for summer, think he may have got stabbed by my copious amounts of Cacti and Succulents, hehe. I then walked back to LCH and sat in the grounds for a bit chatting to a mate before going for a walk around the park again, well to walk a lap. 
I then chilled out and did what ever I needed to do. I had chat to some mates while in the unit and had a nap after lunch. 
I woke up just after 2pm and got ready to go for a jog around Victoria Park. I did two laps of the park, which im told is about 2km per lap. it took me about 23 minutes to do, which is good but I wasn't to pleased as I kept wheezing when doing the jog which made me have to slow down and walk for a bit. Still at least I still managed it :) I then walked back to LCH, in all that session with warm up and cool down was 30 minutes :D I did my acapella again, woooo lol
I then just chilled out and chatted to mates and carol for a while and then at 9:30pm I did a 10 minute session on the treadmill at 10%, I only walked but was good, so all in all a very good day for exerciseness :) Woooohoooo :D

I know hope that my ABPA  is not starting to flare up, cus im getting wheezy and thats one of the signs and so is the getting tired quicker. Shall have to see. Oh and for some reason my port has started hurting and is a little bit red. Still could all be nothing. So here is hoping.

Well it seems that for some bizarre reason, Caplin (including the CFU) will be without water from 7:30am to sometime in the evening, grrreat. Just what I need when im having like lots of laxatives. Think my training sessions are going to be increased if i need the toilet due to laxatives and the fact that the Rivere will still have water which is the other end of the hall :s eek. Good old LCHness there. Should be interesting haha

Night night y'all xxx

Monday, 16 March 2009

To 3km and Beyond, whooooosh!!! 83% wooooohooo!!!

I did my three sessions on the treadmill today again, in the morning I did my DNA's before my 25 minutes on the treadmill have a few 8km/hr jogs. I went and scrubbed up and got ready for lung function, oooooo, what will todays RFU hold (thinkage), well I htought lets go for gold here and blew as hard as I could and when I got the results, I was like WOOOOOOW 83%, blardy amazing after 59% on thursday and I the highest it has been since at 2006 or before, so that is like sooooo awesome. 

Then I did my acapella before the ward round, well my chest is feeling amazing but my belly is still playing up so its back to the gastro, mmm nom nom nom, Anaseedy. So hopefully if all gets sorted with the belly then FREEDOM thursday, which I really do hope. I am also hoping that come thursday, well im aiming at least, that i can get my lung function in to the 90s, but if it stays in the 80s i will be happy still. 

I decided that because it was such a lovely day that I would have a stroll in the park before I went did my second session on the treadmill. I hear that the rest of the week is meant to be lovely as well, I hope so, bring on the parkage walks :D
Come my second session on the treadmill, i wanted to do 3km on the treadmill and I did interval training and did 3km in 25 minute, so i will be aiming to lower the time but it is a good start none the less :) I managed with warm up and cool down to do 3.4km which is awesome, so its all on the up :D

My parents came along to visit today, which was nice :) We went to the park and had a drink in the cafe in the park, was really nice and with the weather being as it was, it was lovely. After the park me and my parents just chilled out in the hall nattering to carol and watched bit of the TV. 

Angel came in today, so we had a bit of a natter and catch up before i went and did my final session on the treadmill, this time i thought i would do a bit of hill training, so I cranked the treadmill up to 10% and did minute jogs with 2 minute walks. Felt like such a good workout and it feels like it is getting easier with the more I train. Bring on the 3km fun run RAWR :P

All in all, its been an ace day and I feel grrrrrrreat (as Tony the Tiger would say)

S'laters all xxxx

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Pounding the treadmill and Parkage baby :D OH YEAHHH!!!

  1. Sorry Iv not posted on here for a bit, iv not really felt like it since thursday after ward round if im honest. So here goes...

13th March 2009

As the day goes, it looked like it was going to be a warm day out, but the clouds decided they wanted to say hello and cover up the sun. I was going to go for a walk in the park to get fresh air, be on my own and just think things through, but i didn't in the end because it looked pretty cold and I didn't have the motivation there to go. I did though up my treadmill jogging up to three sessions a day. I think this for me is a good way to release my stress, anger, frustrations, etc. out. So iv really started to pound the treadmill now, to the extent that the physio thinks im pushing myself way to hard. May be the case but i feel it releases the trapped frustration. 
With my treadmill sessions, I have been managing to jog and walk for 20-25 mins ago and covering a distance of 2.5km plus. So im happy im managing that seeing as last time at my worst I could walk more than 50 meters. 

My appetite has almost completely vanished since thursday, and i reckon iv eaten in all 2.5 half meals worth or less since then. Not good but no appetite and just not felt like eating, think my blockage. Probably not such a good idea really doing as much exercise as i am with so little food intake but hey ho.

As for my bowels, I had an Enema and it was so nasty and it hurt after as well. It is hard to explain but yeah I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I did go to the loo but it wasn't anything to be like thank goodness or wow over, was hardly anything really. So continue on with the stomach stuff I guess. 

14th March 2009

Today was not an easy day, it would have been a month me and Mish would have been together, still in time i reckon we can be good mates :)

Anyway, i did three sessions on the treadmill again today, and slightly pushed myself further in one session running at 12 for a minute and then felt like my lungs had suddenly started shrinking on me, but all good. I know im pushing myself too much but to be honest im not that bothered either. If i collapse im in a hospital anyway so what the hell, best place to push hard. If im still in after tomorrow im going to aim to push myself to do a 3km jog at elevation 2 or more. I'll show them all I can do it and that i am being very anal with my meds as well. I will get my health and fitness back, and I will get my lung function back into the high 80s plus and not come in for along time.

After my lunch time session on the treadmill i went to victoria park (Bonner Gate) and did a lap and a half which i think equates to a mile and a half, that added to my 2.5km exercise session as well, pretty dam good. And so far my sats have only dropped from about 97% to 92% on exercise, so noooo Oxygen for me, not that I would anyway cus im like noooooo

I have brought up so much crapola from my lungs, which is good cus im getting the stuff off, but iv not coughed up the amount i have been before, still my chest now feels clearer. As for my bowels, well I had another Enema and as before, it worked a little bit but still nothing that great. 

15th March 2009

Another early session on the treadmill, well 9:30am session anyway. Then went and did my acapella as well. Im really going for it now, hardcore style or hell for leather. I did another three sessions today, almost an hours worth again, but the last session i just did an incline walk at 5km/hr and incline of 5% for 10 minutes. I went for another walk in the park and did two laps this time which is about 2 miles :) so im really feeling like i can get my fitness back again, hopefully to pre-hospital admissions levels and hopefully that in turn will really knock up my lung function. 
I really felt like a good pound on the treadmill, getting space and time to myself and getting fresh air. I thought that maybe going to feed the ducks in the park would help, but I just could not be bothered, plus such a nice day i just felt like walking and enjoying the rays. So I walked back to LCH and sat in the grounds in the sun.

Had a cool chat have talked in the hallway a little, Sam and Aisha (sp) came and joined in the chatage, was cool.

Oh on the UCAS front all i need to do for my uni application now is my personal statement and finish off my education and I can send the UCAS application for The University of Surrey to study Biomedical Sciences. So that will be like a completely new start for me and if all goes well, hopefully at the end of it I will go in to lab work and get to management level fairly quickly due to my Business Management with Marketing Honours degree. So here is hoping. 

My chest is still clearing a lot of sputum at the moment, I near enough filled half a pot up today, like double yesterday and although Im clearing my chest i am getting belly aches when I eat. I did however manage my first full meal (I didn't have breakfast or lunch though and just had a few Fresubins) since thursday, but I felt bloated and got belly aches after it, and today I had no Kleen Prep, no Enema, nothing, so will see what is on the cards for me next. 
As for not eating much, it is probably not a good idea doing so much exercise but the exercise feels good so I ain't going to stop it. I am now on a mission to get my lung function and health way up again and i really am now enjoying my exercise, it actually feels great afterwards, like energised. 

Until next bloggage, take care my lovelys xxxx

Edited because I said things without really thinking about them before blogging it up. I read up my blog before posting a new one and was like WTF, yeah that needs to be edited, oh im so stupid at ties and don't use that thing called a brain, think it disconnected lol.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Hospital and crapolaness

Well in three days theres not much to report, im doing exercise on the treadmill each day. Michelle had to come in on monday as well which annoyed her. She had a temp. 
Im on movicole, Nac, and gastro and now also Kleen prep which is an ever more powerful laxative. It now also seems that I will have to have an enema, eek. So i have that to look forward to.
I have been put on IVs as well, possibly to stem any infection in the early stages before it gets nasty.


I had ward round today and got a lecture from Dr K about being with Mish, then told im going to have an enema and IVs. So thats not good all in all. 
Then Dr K had a talk with Mish and whats shit is that we are now on break :( I just broke down in tears in front of Marge my CF nurse, she said she will come back and see me in the morning as well and told me to talk to Michelle about it, which I was going to do if I could.
I love Michelle so much, and I told her, I was going to wait until we went somewhere special but alas, but at least she now knows how i truly feel about her. She is the only girl I have ever loved and I love her so much and my love grows for her everyday. Im glad she now knows, I was scared if I told her before that I would lose her, but now we are on a break, I would rather her know my true feelings for her. Still we haven't ruled out getting back together later on when our health is back on track and Im going to push as much as possible to get my health back on track to give as much chance as possible to get back with her, no other girl will ever compare to Michelle.

Im really glad we talked though. We have agreed to just go on a break anyway until our health is better, so here goes.

Nothing else really happened, but that was more than enough for me. Either way, I love Michelle from deep within my heart and will alway Love Michelle.

I'll finish it here for now, xxxx

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Paaaarty and sunday chillage followed by hospitalage

Ok, so it has been a good few days since I blogged up on here so expect a good looooong post :D So to start I start on the party day :D

7th March 2009

Well today as normal I woke up early again and I don't know why I just did. So I got ready and went down stairs and for some reason decided to clean up a little bit. Mish's dad, Dave, had a poker night the night before and well I guess he was going to tired up in the morning but as I was up and all I decided I would clear up the kitchen a bit. Then I got the tea made for me and Mish and the tea ready for Bev and Dave for when they got up. I think I was in on of those tidy up moods and all. 

Still I heard Mish doing her nebs so I thought this was a good as anytime to join and do my nebs and watch a bit of TV with her. We decided that it was best to leave by about 11am so that we could get ready for the fancy dress party that was to start at 7pm. Mish's costume did finally arrive, albeit on the day, which was a very close shave. 
We had some food before we left, some toast :) We then headed off and got to southend about 1:20pm which was not that bad. We stopped by my parents and I introduced Michelle to them and they had a good natter. By 2pm we headed to The Harry pub where we was to have my/mikes party and set up some bits, mainly in the blowing up ad putting up of balloons and a banner. Was fun though, we had a coke each too (well Mish had a diet one). We did a good job on the balloon front and then after by 3pm (I called Grace to make me and mish a bacon hash brown toastd sandwich each, it was soooo yummy but we got belly ache after :s) we headed to Mikes cafe, had a good natter and some munch. 

By 4pm we had to head home to get our selves sorted out, I dropped Mike at Maplins first to go pick up a bulb for Lee and then dropped him back to his cafe and headed home. Me and Mish chilled out for a little bit and then started to get ready for the party. We really did look good as Fred and Wilma Flintstone, Yaba Daba Doooooo :D

Michelle met my sister before the party and they got on sooo well :) My dad took his out fit (Krusty the Clown) with him to the party and mum came back and had her cat outfit ready to wear. Just had to wait for my sister ad her final bit. We finally headed off and got to the party by just after 7pm. There was a few already there, which was great cus it meant i could introduce Michelle to some mates but not too many at once. 
Eventually more turned up at the party and there was just enough of us for the hall, Lee was the DJ for the night. All the costumes looked great :D Everyone put so much effort in to the costumes, it made it so much better. Later Penny, Louis and Nat turned up, all looking good and then Peter and Linda later turned up as well, it was sooo nice to see them all. Even Kate and Liam turned up too which was so nice :) There was much dancing where we could, with much more sitting and relaxing due to coughingness and just knackeredness. Me and Mish both had 2 WKD Blues, mmm nom nom nom. It was funnnn though. Steve and Hanna both decided to get off with each other even though Hanna has a boyfriend, hmmmm.

The party was fantastic, Michelle made it even better and even better still all my mates loved her and I think Michelle really liked them too. Michelle has been invited to trips with me and Mike as well. Now it is my turn to meet her mates, oooo.

Anyway, all in all, the party was fantastic, and Im so glad Mish was there too to meet my friends and family and generally have an awesome time. 

Me and Michelle stayed over at my parents friends house, Sue. It was nice if her to let us stay there for the night :) It was a nice bed and very comfy :) Shame that my belly was being so mean during the party and I making it so I had to sit down more than dance abot like a loon, but was all good though. Think Mish sat down more due to knackeredness too, so we sat down and chatted away to mates and family :)

8th March 2009

We both finally got out of bed at 11am and headed back to my parents place. We then went out to Tesco Basildon and got a PS3 :D which is great and better still not only could I us my discount card, I now got a free game as well (Part of the new package). From there we went in to Basildon shopping centre as Syrone wanted to get me a running watch for my birthday. It was a nice watch as well, I will be using that for my training. Just need to get some running shoes now and im semi-set for my running. Im going to hopefully do the 3K fun run with Mish in june. 

We had lunch in the new food court (ts looking so much better to when i last went there) and I had a Chilli Jacket Potato, Mish had a Cheese Salad which was huge. Dad bought it for us which was lovely of him to do :) 

We had to then head home and me, Mish and Syrone had to then get our bits together and head back home. I headed to Michelle's first after refuelling my car. Took nearly 2 hours, so not too bad, Mish and my sis was having a good old natter :) Finally we got to Michelle's and my sis stayed in the car and slept for a bit and I went in and met her sister and had a tea before they sat down to have dinner and I headed off home to Winch. 

It didn't take us that long to get back to Winchester really. Then when back me and Syrone emptied the car and relaxed for a bit before i got a few bits ready for hospital the next day and went to bed. Though I did stay up for a bit and looked online. Finally went to sleep by 2am.
Week(end) Summary

I have to say that I have had the most fantastic time with Michelle from thursday to sunday. She really did make this birthday the best Iv ever had. 

My sister, parents and friends made the party awesome and Im so happy they all like Michelle :) Not that there was any reason for them not to like her to be honest. Next on the list is meeting her friends, more of her family and our parents meeting each other. Wow, iv never done this much before with a girlfriend. But then Michelle is so much more than any ex before, she means so much more to me and feelings I have for her words just can not describe or explain them enough. 

The weekend was so tiring out but very good too :) Though I have to admit that other than waking round Covent Garden, Dancing at the Party and walking round basildon, I didn't actually do that much in terms of exercise, still guess we all deserve time off from it :P

9th March 2009

Well I got woke up early at 6:30am for some reason, which may have included my sister waking me up looking for the laptop, but I stayed up for a little bit ad had a natter before going bac to sleep until 7:30am and then I got ready and got my bits ready. By 9am I was ready to phone LCH to make sure there was a bed. Well finally at near 10am I got through and told they was expecting me anyway, but made sure there was a bed and got there by 12:30pm which is good going. I found out that Michelle was coming up to get looked at too. I met Natalie finally and had a good old natter with her while I waited for Michelle to get here. I did my X-Rays (my belly appeared to be badly blocked up again) and my lung function which was down again to 58% from 69% from 74%. Oh well I blame the belly :P
Natalie's parents seemed really nice and not too worried me sitting near her daughter, which really surprised Natalie as well. 

When Michelle arrived I took her a tea and we sat in the basement for a bit while she waited to until 3pm to be seen. 

She was asked to do Lung Function, so I went down with her and sat with her while she waited for it to be done. Mel found me down there with Michelle, guessing that I would be with her after she was looking for me. 
Had a chat with Mel, told her I don't want the button anymore which she was not impressed by but oh well. Up to me at the end of the day. Still I will keep it until my belly is sorted out. 
We are not really sure why my belly has suddenly just blocked up though, except Megace. Still we will see.

It seemed that Michelle's lung function dropped to 58% as well and she had a temp so the doc's decided to keep Mish in as well which she was not impressed with but excepted it as she felt yuk later on. Hopefully she will not be in for too long. Im here until my belly is finally sorted out. 

It seems that Mel and Angela both know about me and Mish being together but they haven't really said anything, well Angela said she is happy for us. 

Im not started on IVs, but im on fluids and Gastro. Will have to see how it all goes.

Ill update again tomorrow, night night :) xx

Friday, 6 March 2009

Londinion and Avenue Q'age

6th March 2009

For some reason, though I have finished IVs now, I was awake at 7:30am this morning, before my alarm went off.  Still, I got up and ready at 8am and looked out the window and said hi to Mish about 8:30am, bless her she was fast asleep, almost looking like she was about to fall out of bed. 
By just after 9am I went in to the lounge and sat down there for a bit and then saw Bev and made some Tea for Mish.

Until around just after 3pm me and Mish was just chillaxing in the lounge watching Scrubs Season 7. Mish went off a few times to get ready and chat to her mum, Dave was doing more DIY in the downstaires bathroom, he is inslalling a new wash basin and cupboard, so far is is coming together, he has the frame work in and some tiles laid down and on the wall, it is looking good. 

After some talk and all, we decided that it may be easier for me to stay the night and go in the morning, hopefully Mish will also have her costume by then as well, but we do have a back-up plan :) 

We left to get the train at about 3pm at Haselmere Station, the train was slightly delayed by about 9 minutes, so not terrible but still annoying as we did time it almost to perfection for the 3:15pm train. We got the trains to Leister Square, chatting along the way and listening to music on Mishy Boo's iPod, she has some gooood tune-age. After a little walk-about as we were half hour early we went to the theatre to go get our seats for the show. We were in the Royal Circle, Access Seats, Oh Yeah, great viewage :D The show was soooooo funny, I could see and hear Michelle LOVING the show, especially the 'Bad Idea Bears' hehe, they was sooo funny.  

After the show, which we both loooooved, we was trying to decide what we wanted to have to eat as we were both sooo hungry. In the end we went to Covent Gardens to an Indian Restaurant called Masala Zone, we both had the same dish with Prawns. First time I have ever had Prawns too, they was not bad, I don't think I could have too many but there was just enough. We also decided to have Ice Cream (Mish had Pistachio Ice Cream made with milk and I had Passion Fruit and Raspberry Sorbets). We had a few pictures too, It was such a lovely day again with Mish :) I reckon we will be seeing more musicals in time :) 

We got the train back and while on the main train some idiots came on shouting and swearing over a phone, OMG they was sooo blardy annoying, and worst off they woke up Mish, grrrr. Thank goodness they got off 20 minutes after getting on, stupid ijeits. 
While on the train me and Mish listened to more music and had little chats and chilled out, think we needed the rest, after sll we still did a fair bit of walking, I would count that as good exercise and we was both walking at a pretty damn good pace as well while talking and not too much coughing. 

We got back to my car, drove back to hers and said hi to dave and mates and Bev (Dave had his mates over for a mates game of poker :)) We then decided to go up to her room and relax and do nebbage ad have tea :) We looked things up online, played with my computers built in camera and just chilled out.
My belly has kind of got bigger, this blockage doesn't seem to want to shift, oh well come monday i will see what they say at hotel chest. Until then, I am just going to enjoy spending time with Mish and both of us having fun :) Party tomorrow wooohoooo :D

Night night for now avid followers and bloggers :D xxx