Saturday, 28 February 2009

Chill, town and mealageness day

27th Feb 2009

It was 7:30am when my phone alarm went off for me to do my IVs. Im looking forward to when the IVness is over and done with, by the time I finish them I would have had 3 weeks and 3 days worth of IVageness. 
After my IVness I finished off sorting out my stuff, which I started the night before, for Michelles and then went for a shower. By 8:30am I was ready to go so i looked online for a bit and just before 9am i left for Mishy Boo's and got there by 10am, I nocked at hers but no one answered so I guessed they was all in bed so I sat in my car listening to music, it was actually quite hot in the morning. Michelles mum, Bev, came and opened the door at 10:15am as Dave said he thought someone knocked on the door, she was in the garden doing some gardening. Every time I go to Michelles, I swear Bev is in the garden doing some kind of gardening, I think she loves it :)

As i was early, Michelle was still in bed bless her, her mum told her and Michelle started getting ready, she could have stayed in bed for a bit longer bless her :) I just sat in their lounge until Michelle was ready and had a cup of tea, mmmm.

When Michelle came down, she looked stunning as usual, we just chilled out until my afternoon IVs had been done and then we went off to Haselmere as Michelle and her mum needed to get balloons and a birthday badge, so me and michelle went to get them :) It was a lovely day and as a result we had the roof down :) 
We parked in Tesco and walked through and looked in a ski shop and then on to the birthday shop to get the stuff, well we got two balloons, one was in the shape of a limo, it was ace :D and the other round balloon Michelle personalised with the word Grampy (she calls her granddad grampy) on it :) We then walked back to my car with the balloons :P and then put them in the bot and went into Tesco to see if they had a willow tree but they didn't, did get a drink each and chewing gum and saduko :D When we came out, I decided and asked Mishy Boo if she want to practice her parking, so I let her try. She was rusty at first but then she had to stop driving lessons due to what happened, but she picked it up quick and did very well. A little bit more practice and she will be there with it. 
We then realised that we hadn't got the birthday boy badge, so I stopped outside the shop and Michelle popped in to get a badge and then we headed off back to her house to relax for a bit before we went to get ready. I brought a few outfits and let Michelle choose my outfit :) I helped her too, she looked so sexy and so hot and so so very beautiful in her cloths (well she looks beautiful anyway and sexy :D). We took some pictures of us and her mum and dad before we set off to go to her granddads birthday meal at The Trout Pub. Me and Mish ordered a sirlon steak, peppercorn sauce and seasonal veg, the steak was amazing :D the food was so nice, we had a coke first and then me and mish wanted a WKD Blue but the pub didn't sell them so Mish had a Magnums Cider and I had a JD and coke (which was so strong). Most of us had either sirlon and rump, the steaks in that pub are so nice. 
After the meal, we had the birthday cake (which Michelle made and I helped Ice) brought out for Patrick (Grampy) with candles. He loved it :) we had some cake and it was amazing, Michelle did an amazing job on the cake. Throughout the night I was taking pictures for us. Got some lovely photo's with Michelle :) Im going to get some printed and framed for us :)

After the meal, we dropped by mine so that I could pick up my IVs and then we headed back to Michelles in Dave's Aldi Estate, its such a nice comfy car :) 

Once we got back and I had a tea and did my IVs, I went up to bed and said good night to Michelle and then got in to bed and went online for a bit as I couldn't sleep, so I uploaded that nights pictures :) I finally got to sleep by 3:30am, Michelle was up until early morning as well due to coughing and inability to sleep for some reason :( but finally we both got some sleep.

It was such a lovely day and lovely night, her granddad (Patrick), Loraine (Pats Wife) and Richard (Daves half brother) are lovely, I got on with them well :) 

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Dam my body being Crapola, Behave I tell Theee

Today I got up, did IVs, laid in bed for a bit longer and by 10 thought ah I may as well just get up and get ready. I then had some Fresubin thinking I was going to have it early before going out for a job, but come 1:30pm I just felt rubbish. So i went to Tesco and sorted out some stuff and joined the Union and saw a mate, so I went to chat to him and another mate came out and I was standing and for some reason I started getting out of breath. Lisa (one of my mates at Tesco) said; "Are you ok, you look as white as a sheet" of which I said I think I need to just sit down and catch my breath, so I went up to Tesco Cafe Staff Room and had a tea and sit down, Im not sure why it came on that quick, yes I did feel more out of breath but that was weird. 
Then I saw the drivers from dot com, did my IVs while chatting to them and had two teas. Once they went, I spoke to Michelle on the phone for a little while to see how things all went and to have a general chat, was nice :). I then went on to Vauxhall to pay a bit more off my car and then went in to town to sort out things with the council and Lloyds Bank. Then looked in HMV. All the time walking slower than the speed of snail and trying to catch my breath, it kept running off, naughty breath trying to escape, bad. 
I then went back to Tesco to get a couple of bits before heading home. I went online for a little bit while I waited for my sister and when she got in we went to O'Niells for dinner, we both had Sausage and Mash yummo, and My sister also had onion rings. It was all Nomnomnomnom :D
Then after, I had finished my food and coke and Syrone her food and Guinness (yuk) we headed back home. Then while my sister played on the internet I went to get my things ready for tomorrow, Im going to Mishy Boo's in the day and then later at night e, Mishy Boo, her mum and dad and family are going for a meal at The Trout near Alresford, mmmm yummo's :D Its for Michelle's grandads birthday. Should be a lovely meal, and hopefully good laugh as well :D and I get to meet more of her family oooooooo :D

Breathyness of the walkage

25th Feb 2009

Well I didn't get up too early, about 12ish, and for some reason I just didn't feel like doing too much. My chest was feeling a bit tighter and I was getting pains and achyness around my port area and I started the day by coughing up some lovely nuggets, mmmm tasty. By 1:30pm I had some yummy Fresubin so that I would hopefully have energy to go for a walk/jog, so by 3pm I thought it was time to go out and do some training but unlike the previous days, when I started doing some jogging, I just could not maintain my speed or distance. I was getting short of breath and my lungs felt like they were shrinking with every step I took until I had to just slow down to a walking pace again. I managed to jog part of the long drown out hill but not as much as I had managed on my hill training session. But when I finally got to the top I decided that I would have a look down this road that I normally just walk past, I walked most of the 400m distance but I found a small area that I could do some off road grass running training. So I did a lap of the field, which was no more than 400m around, I did actually walk half of that but at least I know its there now. 
When I started the return journey I was even more tired out and finding the distance a bit too much, but I did managed to run the whole hill down, but I guess thats because I was hill assisted but still least I managed that. Finally I got to the Forbes Road Hill, but this time I just about managed to get part way up, which is still something. 
I did about 3 miles and it took me near enough 48 minutes to do. Still It could have just been an off day. Either way it felt crapola compared to previous days.

Later after phoning Surrey and trying to find finance to help finance a degree, which is looking very unlikely at the moment, which is sooo annoying, but I will continue looking.  But how stupid is this, if you do a science degree then you can get a second loan, yet they do not class Biomedical Sciences as a Science and yet a can't get an NHS bursary because it is not considered medical but a science, where is the logic I ask, rawrrrrrr.
I went to Tesco to get a few bits and also to see if my discount card was in and my payslip, one was and the other was not, my discount card was not in. I did however have a chat on the phone to Michelle, which was lovely to here her but she didn't sound too great :( But hopefully she will get some orals from the hospital to sort her, why did they just not listen to her in the first place, blardy doctors, grrrr.

When I got home, my sister was in, laying on the internet and getting ready to go out with some people to some place. I decided to have a potato and bombay potato topping, mmm yummo's.
I then played online and went to lay in bed where it was warmer and chat to friends online. 
Michelle came online and I had a nice chitter chatter with her and again had a nice chat with her and I introduced her to my friend Louise, they seem to get on :) As did Amy with louise. Louise is my friend that lives up north, I met her once at Alton Towers and she was a lovely girl, we got on really well, she brought her mate Clarke too. 

For some reason later in the night when I was chatting to Michelle, my stomach started hurting again, like it did near the first week of blockage before in January. So im hoping it is just a passing belly ache and no more but not sure because it was painful than just a belly ache. Still I will see.

Michelle had to go to beddy boo's earlier as she had to get up earlier for hospital, which did seem a waste of time for her when the doc's could have given her orals on the monday and told her that her bloods needed to be done by a certain time, I swear sometimes they have no idea what they are doing, it is so frustrating at times. Well I just hope that the orals do sort out Mish and feels a lot better with them.

Think I should end it here before the blog gets much longer and I moan a bit too much, loves xx

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Uni fundingness and Hill Training Madness

24th Feb 2009

As usual when on IVs its an early start, but not today as I did my IVs late at 10:30am, my bad I must have been so tired for the day before. But what a good day it was, so it was sooooo worth it. 
I then decided I would go back to sleep until 12:30pm, then finally getting up and out of bed, I went on to my laptop and got my contact numbers to phone different funding agencies to try and sort out funding for University. This did not prove to be that easy as Student Loans will only give me another year as they changed the rules in 2007, grrr and although Biomedical Sciences is most likely to end with an NHS job, i can't get a bursary from them as its considered science and not medical. So it is proving hard to get the funding for the degree that I really want to study. If all fails then I could do a Masters in business which would be second choice. I really love science so Biomed would be perfect for me, even if its 4-5 years more study, it would be worth it. 

At 3 after having some Fresubin (2) about an hour or so before I decided it was time to go and do some exercise, so today instead of doing my normal 3-4 mile jog I decided that I would do about 2 miles jogging (well walking too) and concentrate on building up stamina and endurance by Hill Training. I did three jogs (with some walking) up a 3-4% gradient hill, I made a good 200 meters but could not manage any further but managed the whole hill down. Then I jogged/walked (using Fartlek) back to the main Forbes Hill, which is a good 6% gradient and jogged the while 100 meters up the hill twice, it was so tiring by the top each time that between the 1st and 2nd jog up I had to do a slight walk off before jogging back up. It felt really good, even if i was completely tired out, doing the exercise and I can see an improvement in my speed and stamina already. 

After my exercise I went on to see student finance in winchester but it seems they no longer deal with it on a local scale, it is not all centralised which is such a pain. It was much easier when it Local Authority dealt with the student finance. And now it is proving very hard to get funding for a second degree but I will continue to look and see where I can get help. Heres hoping I can.

For the rest of the day I was tired out so I played online, done some more research and chilled out on my bed. 
It was no where near as good a day as yesterday but never mind, things needed to be done. 

Had a chat to Michelle online, but she wasn't feeling to go, which really sucks, I really wish I could make her feel very well again. Mwah mwah, hugs and kisses Michelle xx

London Trippageness, LCH - Oxford Sreet

23rd Feb 2009

Today I had to start the day with IVs at stupid O'Clock, A.K.A before 6am, I was dead to the world, how the hell I managed to do my IVs I really don't know, soon as I did them I went back to sleep until about 7:30am where I got some stuff packed up and all ready for trippage. I had a shower before going, a 10 minute one, speedy gonzalas woo woo. Finally at just before 10am I headed on out and hit the roads to get to Mishy Boo's, OMG I got stuck behind sooo many slow drivers, you would have thought it was a sunday with the amount of sunday drivers. Finally got to Mish's just before 11am and she was still in shexy pink dressing gown, yum yum :P So while she went and got ready I sat in the lounge and chilled out until she called me and said shes all dressed. Then saw the shexy mish all ready to go. 

We headed off to Guildford train station to get the train to London Waterloo and then the journey to LCH. We parked down a side street that was closer for some reason than the actual car park, and cheaper at free rather than £8.50. I used my blue badge, sooo good. 
When we finally found our platform after messing about trying to get our tickets, the train arrived about a minute later, now that is timing :D 
Because for some reason the train was busy at 11:30am, which is not the case normally, we sat on some pull down seats next to the toilets. We seemed to end up as the closer pusher button folk, well Mish kept pushing the button before I could get there. I don't think the passengers knew that the doors had a button to push in order to close the door after a big stinker. The toilet are the ones with the sliding doors like you would see on sci-fi like star trek, where they take longer if someone has decided to stink the place out, the nasty i can taste it ones, yuk. 

FInally we got to Waterloo after much giggleness and messing about and the button pressing. Now the long journey to LCH began, Waterloo and City line to central Line Bank. The walk to Waterloo and City was long enough, we had to walk the long way round because the main side was blocked. So that was an extra bit of walking we didn't need. Then at Bank we had such a long walk to the next part of the station, was just not needed. Must be a good half mile there. 
Finally we got to Bethnal Green after walking already what felt like a 5K race, phew.

We walked to The London Chest Hospital, which for some reason seemed even further than normal, but we made it to Out-Patients where we called the CF unit to be told Angela was on the way down, 45 minutes later Michelle called Angela to be told shes on the way down, 45 to an hour later Angela appears and said she was in a meeting, why she didn't tell us so we could have gone and got a drink while we waited, i don't know, honestly lol. Still we had a chat to a mate that was up the same day and had many many Danger Kisses. Danger Kisses are where two CFs kiss each other where they are likely to be caught, namely The London Chest Hospital for us, or as we did behind Dr K's back, We are such rebels and sooooo BAD hehehee, but was fun and yummy :D Both me and Michelle had to have bloods taken, Michelle got her bloods taken and then I had my Pre-Dose bloods taken, then I did my IVs with Michelles help and then Dr K came out of a room and looked at us, so I changed the subject as I always do and she was all smiley again hehe. After my IVs we went to the basement (Danger Kissed on the way hehe) and had a slooooow drink to pass the time. Finally it was time to get my second bloods taken, so had them done, and the guy who took them used GREEN NEEDLE's on us, grrr. We have blue needle not green needles that are used to draw up drugs, dam them. 

We finally escaped the hospital and was on our way to Oxford Circus to get Garfunkal Lunchness - Shopping Oxford Circus - Starbuck Hot Chocness mmmmmm. 
In Garfunkal we had yummy food, Mish had a Chicken Burger and Chips, I had Sausage and Mash by Mish's recommendations, great choice Mish :D was sooo yummy. We had a fizzy drink each and while waiting for foods we took lots of funny pics, and some nice pics and Bo'Selecta Pics hehehe. Was a lovely meal and we made it fun too hehe

We then went on to SHOOOOOPPING in Oxford Circus, namely TopShop (TopMan) which we was serious about, we went up and down that shop (3 floors) twice, and I got two shexy tops and Mish got me Shexy cloths which I don't know about yet until my birthday :P Mwah mwah Mishy Boo my shexy and shmokingly hot girl :D 
When we had our fill of TopShop we headed over to H & M to look around some more and Mish got herself a few tops, Shexy tops too :) And we decided to pop into a small shopping center place while Mish phoned her dad as it was starting to rain a little bit, so we looked in there for a bit and went in this little shop where we found this uber cool top of the underground, had to get Mish that and she loved it :D 

We then decided it was time to rest as we had walked about soooo much, so we found a starbucks and got a hot choc with cream (calories) on top and it was lush. We took more pics while there of course :D 

After a while we headed to Totty Court Road underground and got the Northern Line back to Waterloo where we was to get our train back to Guildford, before we got on the train I got us a drink each for the journey, would be needed me thinks. Mmmm diet Pepsi (sorry Mel no calories there or polos and a bike). We got on our train and took some more pics and then Mish thought that Woking was Guildford hehe. We got off at Guildford, got in my car and back to hers and then chilled out with a cup of much needed tea. Mmmm yummy tea :D 

We must have walked a good 2 plus miles that day, constant walking which is good for our stamina, and hopefully will help Mish with her Stamina too :) We certainly did our fair share of exercise though.

Then it was time for me to head back home and my naughty Satnav thought it would be fun to try and get me lost, but it failed, though it did take me out the way a few times. Finally mad it home though. Then had a chat to Mish again online :)

Today was such an amazing day minus bloods but even then it was fun, DANGER KISS hehe. I loved every minute of the day, spending the day with Michelle is what I love :) we have so much fun, She is not just my girlfriend but also my best friend as well :)

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Distance to lead weight legs

I was going to get up earlier today once i did my IVs but the lazyness bug attacked me and I was stuck in bed until 12, dam you lazyness bug. When i did get up I had some toast and two scrumptious Fresubins mmmmness. Loads of pre-walk/jog calories. 
When i was finally ready, I ventured out to do my walk/jog and decided that today I would try out the Fartlek technique (walk for so long, then jog for so long, then walk again, etc. and repeat for so many times), I think it sort of worked but I can't really judge yet as I only used it today. I did jog up most of the hills though. I think my running technique is improving. I decided when I got to my normal turn around point that I was going to go a bit further and in all I managed about 4 miles in 47 minutes and 56 seconds, which is not too far from my 3 mile walk/jog. So my technique and fitness must be improving somewhere. I still had my coughing fits, but that seems to be the norm. Still on the up side, im clearing alot from my chest which has to be good and Im jogging for longer distances at a time now and and and I managed to jog up the nasty Forbes road hill which is a good 5-6% gradient and about 100m long :D, that is a massive achievement for me though.

When I got home, oh my the sweatageness of me, it was dripping from me, but I see that as a good hard workout. Though I need to go for a nap when I got back hehehe so nice, i did stretch before nappageness though. 

When I finally dragged myself back out of bed I made some food and went online to do research into funding my second degree and I was surprised to find there does seem to be quite a bit of funding available through application and I can get part of the student loan which is awesome. So hopefully in October 2009 I will be able to go to Surrey (Guildford) University and start my Biomedical Sciences Degree.

Now all I need to do is fill out copious amounts of forms in order to get onto the course and to get finance. It will be so worth it if I do get to do this course though.

Tomorrow I get to see Michelle as we are going to London to first get blood tests (bad times) and then we are going shoppingness and lunchage (good times). I can't wait to get a hug and some kisses hehehe 

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Wheezage and walkage but complete Stubborness

Today I decided that I was going to lay in for longer than normal, well I had to wake up and do the IVage, mmmm, IV goodness. I then went back to sleep and being woke up by my sis and phone, so it was nappage than sleep. 
I finally got out of bed after I gave up with trying to sleep in at 12ish, I was going to go out for my daily walk/jog at 1pm but my mum phoned me to let me know that my IVs were to be delivered at 1:30pm, so I had to wait until then, how lucky. So while I waited I looked online and had some water.

After my IVs were delivered and sorted I went on my merry way along my normal route into Kings Worthy and to the country roads. For some reason today I felt really wheezy and was more out of breath than when I started walking/jogging training. So I took my inhaler (4 Puffs) and it helped a little bit but not as much as I had hoped.  Still I wasn't going to let a bit of wheezing sop me so I still did some jogging between walking and I managed to jog up a mean looking hill, so I was very chuffed with that. But I have to say Im really enjoying my trainng, even say its funness too :)

After my walk/jog, I was soooooo sweaty so I went a and changed and all and then little bit later me and my sis went to the laundrette and Tesco to some shopping, majr shop though, £104, madness lol. Then after we got our bits and bobs washed and shopped we went home and sorted it all out. While out I got a text from my beloved Michelle, that put a smile on my face :) When I got home I phoned Michelle up to have a chitter chat, I love just hearing her voice though I would rather be with her in person. We planned out monday when we go up london, PLANNAGE :D I can't wait to see her again and get some kisses and hugs :D and we are shopppppping :P Shoppage baby, Oh Yeah...
I have also signed up to Runners World UK website and I may see about signing up to their paid part so I can read adn get tips, etc for running. It is actually a very good magazine/website.

Later on I had Spinach Ricotta Pizza with my sister (It was yummy, thanks Michelle for that one the other night, was so nice had it again) and steam veg, mmmmness. Then I went on to the Surrey university website and UCAS website, signed up and started my application process. Im hoping that I get in and can get funding for the degree as I couldn't afford to go otherwise. But im muchly hoping as this will open up whole new careers options for me and hopefully well paid ones so that I can get a nice place someday :) 

I can't wait for monday to see Michelle though :) Shoppage and Lunchness, mmmm... Michelle don't forget your traditions creon on the floor (if we remember this time hehe) :P

Thats enough of my rambles for the day me thinksies 

Friday, 20 February 2009

Hospitalage and late night Biking

Well I got up nice and early and then didn't get out of bed until 8am :P I felt lazy but I had to get up and drive to The London Chest Hospital for review (Not a Clinical appointment, in fact I don't know when my next one is :P). It took a while, almost two hours to get to the hospital, but it was nicer just to drive to be honest, except for traffic, but meh. 
I got a lovely text from Michelle, which made me smile on the way to hospital :) When i finally got there at just before 11am, I contacted Mark and went straight to the Respiratory Function Unit or as we all call in RFU. Although I kept coughing I was expecting that my lung function would be pretty good and higher than last time, with the exercise I have done anyway, but once I had blown my best and had the Blow blow blow, Keep going keep going keep going until you feel like your lungs are going to implode on their selves through the major exacerbation of RFU, I got my yellow A4 sheet of paper with my results and thought oh... Dam they have actually dropped, ok not but much and nothing really to worry about but the fact they have dropped after doing so much to make it increase is a set back and well annoying to be honest. 
Still 74% to 69% on total blown in a second and total volume of 101% (4400mm approx) to 88% (3800mm approx) is annoying but still good, plus I seem to be whizzing on and off quite a lot for some reason, I think there is a lot of gunk to come up, yummy. But was still all grrrrrr at lung function.

I gave my yellow result paper to Mark and he said well its in the error of the machine yet normally they are like oh its down, I still got told that Im going to have another week of IVs, making this week 3, still if it works then thats great. I then had my belly examined and then sent to have it x-rayed in radiography department and I had to strip down a bit and wear a gown, so lucky :P Dam I looked good hehe 
I had the X-Ray and then went back to out patients to see Mark again, and he said it is not as bad now so I managed to escape the Enema, phew, but was given more bottles of gastro to take, 6 in fact. 

I then met Amy after she had her scan and walked in to Bethnal Green to get some munch and met Michelle along the way :) I was like ooo hellllloooooo (all smily) and gave her a big hug and kiss. She said she was going to meet me in the hospital ready for her appointment. So me and Amy went to Tesco and got a few little bits and I got Michelle some crisps and a drink, well I couldn't get her nothing even if she said that she is fine. 

Once me and Amy got back to the hospital, Amy went to her own room and I went and sat with Michelle while she went and saw the different members of our team to talk and discuss things. Her lung function was slightly down with is so annoying :( I was hoping (As was she) that it would be up as she has been working so hard to get it to improve. Her sats were down as well, it is really frustrating, It is frustrating for me because I just want her to be better and i know it takes time but i wish I could make her feel and be well again. I know Michelle was down and cheesed off, which I really do understand why. I feel a bit useless really because other than being there for her there isn't much more I can do, which really sucks. We will get her back to fitness and health though no matter what it takes and I will be there each step of the way. I gave her the mix tapes (CDs) that I made for her and she loved them, I hope it cheered her up :) 

While Michelle was having her chats and all with the team, I went and spoke to Sejal for 40 minutes, had a good chat and generally all seems to be moving in the right direction, I feel alot more positive in all. 
I have decided if I can get funding to do a degree in Biomedical Sciences (with a foundation year) in Guildford university if I can. I love science :)

Well me and Michelle finished all the things in clinic and got her prescription and my one too and then headed to my car, well she needed to use the ladies so I met her in my car while I went and did my afternoon IVs. While I was doing my IVs I chatted to the blood lady :P for a bit until Michelle got back and then finished my IVs and the blood lady took my sharps and put them in a sharps bin for me :) We then headed back to her home at 3:30pm ish, finally got back to hers just before 6pm, long driveage. While driving Michelle put two of her mix tapes (CDs) in to listen too, I think she liked them so it is all good :) She is the only one I have let play with the CD player and put on the music she wants to listen to :)

When we did get back to her house after lots of singing and such, we sat down for a little bit before we had some dinner (Pepperoni Pizza and Spinach Ricotta Pizza, Salad and home made wedges) which was so yummy. Nice cooking Bev :D 
After dinner me and Michelle sat in the lounge together, she wasn't feeling to good though, I hate seeing her not feel too good, wish I had the power to make her well but as I can't I will be there ever step of the way for her and helping where ever I can. I left at about 8pm as she was tired and just not feeling to good in more than one way. If she needs me at any time, all she has to do is call and i will be there :)

When I got home after a slowish drive, I enjoyed the quite time to just think to myself. When I got home I had a little chat with y sister and then got my IVs, neb and meds and did those and also went on my spin bike for 15 minutes as I didn't go for my walk/jog today. I will be doing that tomorrow, but I had to do some exercise as Im not giving up on this training regime now. Im determined to get in to the 80 or 90s for lung function. I think I can do it and I will do my best to help Michelle get there too, hopefully even higher :) She is doing amazing so far. 

Well on monday I should be going up to London with my lovely girlfriend (Mishy Boo :D) as she has to have a blood test and then we will go do some SHOPPING :D very much so needed :)  We will be having lunch somewhere, but the question is WHERE :P so many places to eat out. I can't wait for monday though :) I reckon it is going to be a fun day, plus I need some new gear, mostly in the trouser and hoody area. Also need to find something for Michelle's dad for his birthday, his birthday is the same as mine :D go us hehe

Well I think this blog is now long enough :P Until next time xx

Thursday, 19 February 2009

A true walk in the country followed by chillage

Today I got woke up at 7:30am but didn't get myself out of bed until 9:30am as I was doing my IVs, Neb and meds while I waited till Clanovia delivered my IV drugs to last until saturday. My drugs finally arrived just before 10am, soon as they did and I was ready I set off to first Tesco to fuel up and then I headed to my lovely girlfriends Michelle :) 

For some reason when i was driving to Mishy's I decided to ignore the satnav and take an earlier turn-off, I should have just followed the satnav as my car went from clean to mud in no time going through the twisting and up'y down'y lanes in the country. Still it was fun driving those roads, you will get a feel for your car on those roads unlike on big main roads. 

I finally got to Mishy's by 11:30am after taking a longer rote there, my bad :P Just as I pulled in the driveway, Bev (Michelle's mum) was heading out so I moved my car and then pulled back in and then went in and saw Mishy and gave her a big hug and kiss :) I said hi to her dad (Dave) and had a little chat. I really like her parents too, they are so cool and so lovely, they have excepted me and I feel so comfortable around them. 
I thought I would give Mish a short driving lesson so that she could get the feel for cars again as she will soon be starting up her driving lessons again. It was only in a small car park but I think it helped, I think she did so well, seeing as she hadn't had a lesson in a long while, I was so proud of her.
Me and Mish then went decided that we would go out in to Heresford and have a hot chocolate in Costa's which was lush and there was little heart sprinkles on top, so cute :) There did seem to be soooo many kids in there and one of which decided to have a screaming session, we was thinking, SHUT UP lol. Before we got into Costa's though, we had to find a parking space which turned out to be a mission, but we finally found one in a car park.

Once we got back we went up to her bedroom ad did out nebs, watch TV (Deal or No Deal) and snuggled up together, that was so nice. I just loved laying there snuggling up with her, i didn't want to move. I do feel that we are getting closer and in time hopefully very very close :) 

After a while Michelle mentioned the Chilli Con that we was to cook for her parents and us. So before we was to cook the Chilli we went on a walk together in the country along the country roads (I changed into more baggy trousers for the walk), we walked two miles together and it started to rain. Bad weather. But it was really nice walking with her and although she was coughing lots and still getting tired, she still did well, im so proud of her that she hasn't given up like many do and that she is pushing herself to keep going, no matter how long it takes. We had some nice chats along the way about many different things. We took about 30-40 minutes on the walk. It was nice to walk with Mish instead of just walk/jog on my own and was nice not to be jogging for a day and have a more relaxed exercise session. Tomorrow I will be going on my exercise bike as I will not get the chance to do my walking/jogging session unless I go over to Victoria Park and do my training session, which is a possibility. 

Once we got back to her home, we sorted ourselves out and started the preparation and cooking of the Chilli Con. It took about 30 minutes or so and we didn't use sauce from a jar but spiced and used sauce from the beans and tomatoes instead. It looked and smelt lovely and tasted amazing. I even ate the mushrooms, which until today I would just say no to them. Bev and Dave seemed to enjoy the Chilli Con as much as me and Mish did.

Once we finished dinner, we had a cup of tea and retired to the lounge where we chillaxed and watched TV and played scrabble, of which i lost badly :P Next time I will do much better, watch out :P

As the night rolled on it got to about 10:30pm and I had a keep me awake tea and then left Michelle to go back home and let her do her nebs and get to sleep. I gave her hugs and kisses before going and said goodbye to Bev and Dave. I had such a lovely day with Mish and I can't wait to see her for a whole day again :) I will be seeing her at the hospital tomorrow as she has an appointment and im up to check my lung function and stomach and talk to one of the team (Psychologist). 

Finally home after a longish drive as I kept getting stuck behind slow drivers, I did my IVs, meds and neb and chilled out on my bed. 

I will be booking tickets to see Avenue Q with Michelle for the 6th March, Iv heard good things about it :)

Well I have rambled on quite enough I think, til next blogging :) xx

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Major Coughing and Spluttering, yummies

18th Feb

Ah I got up at 10am today as I wanted to do a morning session, but that just did not happen, I nodded off a few times and after doing meds as well, the time just went. I ended up doing my walk/jog at 12 instead, which was ok. It was mild outside so not bad weather for the workout. 
I thought to myself that im going to try and increase the distance that I was jog in the 3.3 miles, which I did manage to do. I think although it was still a snail pace jog, I managed to jog half the distance. This time I did look like a sweaty mess, but it felt good and the burning really kicked in today with the extra road pounding I was doing. 
I can feel that im improving, even if it is mildly improving, it is a good step in the right direction. I am really starting to get in to the jogging now, hopefully soon i will be turning the jogging in to running, though I do not expect this for a good month anyway, but I am aiming to get there. I want to be running a good 3-4 mile stretch a day in the future with up to a 10 miles run once a week. Hopefully this will set me up for events in the summer. 
Today I managed to walk/jog the 3.3 miles in 41 minutes and 17 seconds, which I was very happy with as I know over 2 minutes of my previous day. I ended the session with stretching again before I headed in to town to meet my friend for lunch.

After lunch I walked around town for a bit, got my hair cut and dropped in to The Winchester Center to see if I could do some voluntary work, it would look good on my CV :) 
When I got home I started looking for Biomedical Science degrees that I could apply for as I do not have science A-Levels, so I was looking at if there were other ways in the universities. Hopefully 2009 I will do a Biomedical Degree, even if I have to do a foundation course first. 
I will find out soon I hope and then I can apply and see if I can get financial aid. If I do manag to, I may be lucky enough to look at all the lovely bodily things like wee, phlem, and blood, woo :P
Tho I will have to avoid it seems Microbiology. I (and others with CF) try to avoid such bugs that I would be looking at and all in a petri dish, so alternative study on that module, still it is all very interesting and all :)

Coughing and Spluttering My Way Back Up

17th Feb

Today was not such an early one, I had no blood tests, so I got up about 10am ish which was nice. I did all my things that I had to do, nebs, meds and IVs before I decided to relax a bit before going out for my walk/Jog. Before I could go out though I had to find out when my car was to be dropped off to me after it finally got repaired. They said after 3pm, so at 1:30pm I went out for my walk/jog. 
I seem to always start the same way, start off walking, then do a little jog before I walk again. Today it seems that I am managing to jog a bit more than the day before, I think this may be down to the fact my blockage in my bowel is starting to clear, making it easier for me to be able to breath and get more air in to those naughty lungs of mine. 
I have to say that I did find it slightly easier today, not easy because im finding it still tough but easier. I managed to jog around half a mile, albeit a snails pace jog. I could feel the burn as the lactic acid started to build up and I have to say although it burns, it felt good, felt like I was having a good workout. Oh Yeah it feels good :D
I had a couple of hardcore coughing fits and my naughty chest deciding to go tight on me, kind of felt like my lungs where shrinking (as Michelle rightfully describes the feeling, of which I agree it does). 
I had a good sweat going on, so I must have worked hard, that or im so unfit my body just doesn't like the workout so pour out the sweat in a bid to get me to stop. 
I didn't look as much as a sweaty mess today though, still sweaty and messy, just not so much. I managed to do the 3.3 miles in 43 minutes 49 seconds, im happy with that result :D

When I finally walked through my door, I decided it would be a good idea to stretch and loosen up those muscles (well what muscles I have) of mine. 

Come 5:30pm my car arrived which meant I could say goodbye to the automatic Corsa I had to drive. Ah I love my manual :D When my sister got back we went for a pub dinner, it was looovely, though we got back to my car and somebody put a scratch on the boot, EVIL grrrr. 
Still I guess its a car but very annoying people do that.

Monday, 16 February 2009

First time back to the walking/Jog in a long time

Today was an early one for me, i was up at stupid o'clock or as my phone said 6:30am, why you ask, well I had to get up and get ready and well actually be with it for when i had bloods taken pre and post levels for my IVs. Once i finally got out of bed at 6:50am I just wen in the front room where my sister was and tried to look a little bit human, not easy at that time. After I had the trama of having my bloods taken I just sat down, and thought to myself I may as well stay up now even though I had only 3 hours of sleep. So i got my laptop and played about on that with my lil Ellie (cute bear a certain special person got me :P thank you Mish :D)sitting next to me looking as if to say why the hell ain't we still in bed sleep. I decided that there was no point so played on my laptop and looked at some master courses and grants, there is a few grants but not many. Eventually th afternoon arrived and i did my afternoon IVs, quick bit of munch and water, then after 30 mins i got ready and left my house ready for the pursuit of fitness, no matter how hard it may be.

Today (in the afternoon) I was going to go on a bike ride aiming for about 6 or so miles but my bike had two flat tyre's and I have no pump for it, opps. So instead I decided I would go for a walk with the occasional jog (well more of hobble jog really). I didn't really set myself a target so long as I managed to get up the hill in Kings Worthy and then I would see how I feel from there. 
When i got to the top of the hill after a very short jog and back to the walking again, I was tight chested and having coughing fits but I decided that I was going to push on further.
As I continued my walk and occasional jog I found that I was slowly getting more tired out so I set myself a target and went for it. I eventually got there and turned around and jogged a little bit again. By this point I was starting to look like a sweaty mess with lovely salt crystals building up on my eye brows and forehead, yummy. Salt with your fish and chips, i have plenty :P

I continued back towards home and jogged a bit down hill but needed to walk again due to my chest and coughing fits, eventually i got to the nasty steep hill and attempted to jog up and i did manage half of it, even if that was only 50 meters. I final hit the home run and walked the last bit until the end where I jogged it and got to my door where I had a five minute coughing fit but it felt so good that I did it. 
I ended up doing 3.3 miles in the end which I think is a good start and it took me 45 minutes to do. 
By the time I got home and got back in I looked like a complete sweaty mess covered in salt crystals, but it was worth it. I had my iPod to listen to which helped a lot. 
Im going to be continuing this regime now, be it on my bike one day and walk the next until im running. But I want to get my fitness back and hopefully that will keep me out of hospital for much longer.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Hospital Admission on 6th Feb 2009

Well I was aiming to keep out of hospital for 6 months and I managed 6 weeks, but this was not down to my chest at first. I had been doing my medication basically 100%  of the time. This time I ended up in hospital with breathlessness problems and stomach pains. It seems that I had a very bad blockage in my bowel which was then squashing my lungs and thus making it hard to breath, which would explain why my Sats (O2 levels) where fine and at 97/98% range and why my lung function was not really that much down on my discharge from hospital in december 2008. When I got to the hospital, the doctors said how pale I looked, which again may have been due to the blockage.

I was discharged on the 13th February and given different laxatives to help continue to clear my bowels. Im still having problems now and they are still making me breathless but not to the extent I was when I came in to hospital. I have had a re-blockage but I think i managed to sort that one out. 

I am hoping that I will have got rid of this blockage very soon and that this is the first and last one I get. I found that with this blockage at its worst i could barely walk 50 meters without being out of breath, by the end of the admission, though i was still struggling (of which i never have before) I managed to do three walks up and down two flights of stairs. Although i did think oxygen would help the physio's where not keen on giving me oxygen (i never ask for it either normally) as my sats where 97%. 

I do want to start on my fitness regime, so im plan on putting a regime together and with the help of my sister and Michelle (I also want to be of help to Michelle) I will get into a routine and continue my fitness plan. Hopefully I will smash my 4 hour target on the London to Southend Bike Ride and also take part in running events and biking events. 

I hope that by competing in events once my fitness level is higher that I will win at some point pushing to go further with my fitness and to also stay out of hospital for a much longer spell if not for a very long spell. 

My Hospital Admission in December

Before christmas of 2008 i was telling myself that I will not be hospital in december, but like the two years before I ended up in hospital. 
Although I was not happy, had I not ended up in hospital I would not have met Michelle and one seen how bad CF and infection can get. Michelle had a lung function of 120% odd and this was cut to around the 60% and she was on oxygen. Michelle was a runner, doing up to 10 mile runs a week and at least 2-3 miles runs on a daily basis. 
This kind of brought it all home to me and while I was in got talking to her basically every day and seeing her improve slowly. 
I really liked her alot from the moment I first saw her and I wanted to help beat the boredom and take her mind away from what was happening. She is really the main inspiration for me trying to get back to fitness and I hope that we can both push each other back to fitness.

The history to the present

Well up until I reached my mid twenties i had only ever been n hospital once, my fitness level was on par and beyond those with out the curse of Cystic Fibrosis. I used to be a long distance runner, ok I wasn't the best but I was no where near the worst. I used to ride my bike every where with minimal effort and hills would never stop me. I par-took in all Physical Educational lessons (sports lessons) and took part in different sporting events and activities at school, including the sports day, rugby and cross-country. Sure i was never the tallest in the class or the sporting activity but i was sure darn sure fast and had a lot of stamina. 
Outside of school life, in the 14/15 age I started to go badminton on a thursday night with my dad where we would play for around two hours with some of his mates. 
Later in my school life at around 14 years old I took up GCSE music and had to decide what instrument I would like to take up and play, I decided rather swiftly to take up the saxophone, which over the years increased my lung capacity and strength. I used to sing in the school choir and when i started playing the saxophone i also took part in the school band. I decided to continue music and my saxophone at A-Levels, as a result continued my band playing and singing. This all no doubt kept lungs healthy and infection free as well as medical compliance with my medicines. At college (Sixth Form) I used to ride to college everyday, even when i had to bring in my saxophone, I would ride my bike one handed while holding my saxophone in the other hand and a bag on my back. I seem to have very few limits with what i would carry on my bike while riding. 
During my college years I took part in a band on saturdays, it was a jazz and blues band that was not just about the music but also about the learning and improvisation. This made music that much more enjoyable, i then found another band I could join on a wednesday night that i also joined, and my lungs had a very good vital capacity, where i could hold a note for more than three bars in length on a slow tempo of 60. 

I then learnt to drive at 17 and passed by 17 and a half, I then found i started to become a bit lazier in the exercise department, but I did continue my saxophone and I continued to play badminton every thursday with my dads mates and eventually one of my mates from college. 
Once I could drive me and my mate decided that we wanted to join Fitness First and we trained there three to four times per week meaning that my fitness levels started to increase once again and surpass my school/college level of fitness and increase my body mass. At my peak i was chest pressing on the machine 49kg at 3 sets and 10 reps per set, and at times would chest press 56kg, more than I weighed. I was lifting nothing less than 20kg on my arm and no less than 30kgs on my arms and legs, while running 12km/h for 10-20 mins ago and all the other bit in-between. 

After college I went to Winchester University where the problems was to start, i don't know if it the fact I now had more freedom, got lazy or just progression of CF, or maybe a combination of all and maybe my first year flatmates did not help. Whatever it was, my first year I didn't miss lectures, but come the second year the troubles began. In August 2005 after a hospital appoint i was asked to come in to hospital as over the course of a year my lung function had dropped from 80's to 50's. It was from then on I was to go into hospital on a fairly regular basis. At my worst seven times in a year. I am now hitting year four in August of this year of going in and out of hospital. Generally I have been very lucky so far because even though my lung function with a chest infection will drop to 50%, my lungs always jump back to high 70's and a few times low 80's. How long this will last I just do not know but now I am aiming to increase my fitness, stamina and bodymass/bulk/build back to pre-hospital admission level and thus my hospital admissions way down to 2 or less per year. 

I have in the past three years par taken in The London to Southend Bike Ride which is said to be over 59 miles, but on measuring found it to be nearer the 70 mile distance. I have managed to decrease each year the time it takes me to complete the bike ride starting at 6.5 hours to just under 6 hours to just under 4.5 hours in 2008. This year I am aiming to complete the bike ride in under 4 hours. 
This is where I aim to improve my fitness level again and increase my stamina and lung capacities so I will not tire out so quickly. I am aiming to not only be able to ride hard, but run far and build up my body muscle and tone.