Tuesday, 3 March 2009

2 miler on the green and townage

2nd March 2009

For some reason though I set my alarm for 7am, I actually got up at 9:30am, must have been a bit tired, can't see why (late night chats). After the Library I met Mark at O'Niells and had a large Pepsi and Sausage and Mass (yummmmmo's) We had a good old talk about this and that, about Michelle (which I think his now hinking no more please hehe) and mates and so forth. 
I spoke to my CF Nurse as my belly and chest do not not feel 100% so they asked me to come up tuesday. Then he phoned back asking me to come in but I asked to go next week instead (monday) as I didn't want to miss my birthday (for the 3rd year in a row) and miss spending time with Mish. Still im going on orals (Cipro)
After Mark had gone back to work and we decided to meet back up when he finished work, I went to town to sort out my pictures, I ordered 115 in the end of which 7 was large pictures. 
I made some phone calls got a few little bits and headed back home to do my IVs, the final one :D such a relief and then headed out for my walk, I say walk because for some reason I just didn't have the energy or stamina today to do anymore. I walked about 2 or so miles (may have been a bit more)  and in the process found a green that when I am jogging that I can do some off road training off, and it is about 1000 meters give or take round circuit. I spoke to my mate too while I was out. 
When I got back, I pretty much went straight out again to meet Mark. We looked around the town, he got me my birthday present which he gave me straight off ooo, I got two computer games :D We decided after he had looked in blockbuster to go to the cinema, so we dropped by the Library to check out what films are on and we decided on Push. 
We dropped by Tesco so I could give in my medical certificate and they didn't seem that happy, oh well and Mark got a few bits. We then headed off to the Cinema, leaving Marks car at Tesco, and got to the cinema over an hour early for the film, so we went in to KFC where he had chicken strips and I had chips and corn on the cob. We then played a shoot erm up game and the air hockey game, which I lost at. I don't normally lose lol.

Finally the time came to watch the film, it started well and then took a dive. 'Push' was the worst film I have ever seen and would not recommend anyone seeing it. There was no plot, no nothing and the acting was so bad, as a rating I would give it -10/10.

I spoke to Michelle a few times on the phone today and we chatted for longer, we are starting to talk more and more on the phone now :) Then after the cinema I went online and Michelle said she was waiting for me :D So we had out into the darkness of the night chat and joint chat with Amy and we was thinking of what we could change song names to so they related to CF and hospital in some way, fun times hehehe I think we are all mad :P While chatting I also finally removed the needle from my chest, oh it felt so good to finally not have a needle sticking out my chest. 

Ooo, only a few days to my birthday and when I spend quite a bit of time with Michelle :) I can't wait :D It is going to be fun, nice and just good to spend time with her, finding out more about each other, relaxing and so forth :)

Bye byes xxx

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