Sunday, 1 March 2009

Busyness and a sweaty mess

Well as normal, well normal for the mean time, I got up at 7am to do my IVs, dam i can't wait until i finish these blardy IVs and have a proper long hot shower, OMG that will be sooooo bliss. After my IVs I just went back to sleep for a while and then woke up at ten and just laid in bed thinking I should get up, but my body was telling me no. Eventually my brain convinced my body to move and I spoke to my mum and dad on the phone and I went online for a little bit for a peruse. There really wasn't much online so I decided that I was going to sort out some photo's that I want printed and some that I want blown up to a good photo frame size. :) 

I then phoned my sister (well I called back an unknown number) and we decided to meet for lunch, we went to the Slug and Lettuce, but neither of us was really that impressed with the food, I had pasta that needed more sauce and my sister had some pizza like thing. We also had wedges that were rather crunchy. 
After lunch me and Syrone looked around the shops and got a few bit and bobs, I got Mish's dad his birthday present (of which I can't say what in case he manages to have a look on here :P), I also got some strong nail clippers and a file. I decided to text Mish, but i think her phone was on charge again lol 
It was nice going for lunch with my sister :)

When we got back home, I decided that I was going to go and walk with my bike to the Shell garage (about 2 miles away) to get my bike tyres pumped up as they was sooo flat, but luckily for me one of my neighbours had a foot pump that I could use, so I did and then I went on a 3 mile bike ride and 1 mile jog in a field I found the other day. It has a long flat followed by a hilly section for the return jog. I managed three laps adding up to about 1 mile (around 600 meters per lap), I had to stop though as I needed my inhaler. I had to stop on my bike at one point as the hill was fairly steep and I need to get used to the hills again. Still most of the bike ride back home was down hill :D I managed to ride up Forbes Road, which was ace, though knackering. 
I am happy with my effort though I do feel I have let my biking fitness slip a lot, but I will get that back. I think I could have jogged faster than I I was riding my bike but in time that will change. I did the ride and jog in 41 and a half minutes :) so not too bad. 
I was coughing up so much nasty looking gunk though, but at least it means things are shifting :) 

Annoyingly today and for a few days I have been getting nasty pains in my belly again like before when I got blocked up, this would explain why my chest, although Im shifting gunk and doing exercise, still doesn't feel fab. Well I may have to go back to hospital next week, I told them no chance of me going in this week as it is my birthday week, which they agreed to in the end. I swear they think im worrying too much over my belly and yes i am worrying over it, Iv never had bowel problems until this time. Sure Iv had belly aches but not a blockage. Hopefully though it will be sorted once and for all soon.

After I relaxed and got my sister signed up to blogging :P I decided to paint one of the cupboards white inside, just so it looks a bit lighter :) It is a cupboard that it built into the flat. I then had a shower, if you can call it a proper shower anyway, come tomorrow im have such a long shower :D 

After that I got dressed in to my night cloths and relaxed and went online, and chatted and spoke to my mum and kind of my dad, and Ellien (Tracy Merrits mum) for a while. 

I was chatting to Michelle but her MSN decided to be naughty and stop working, naughty MSN. I texted her and that and had a chat to a few mates online, Amy and Nat and a few others before I decided to consider going to bed, yes Im still up now but I really need to get to bed so im going to finish my bloggage here

Keep well and happy all :) and skip down the road with out a care in the world xx

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