Thursday, 12 March 2009

Hospital and crapolaness

Well in three days theres not much to report, im doing exercise on the treadmill each day. Michelle had to come in on monday as well which annoyed her. She had a temp. 
Im on movicole, Nac, and gastro and now also Kleen prep which is an ever more powerful laxative. It now also seems that I will have to have an enema, eek. So i have that to look forward to.
I have been put on IVs as well, possibly to stem any infection in the early stages before it gets nasty.


I had ward round today and got a lecture from Dr K about being with Mish, then told im going to have an enema and IVs. So thats not good all in all. 
Then Dr K had a talk with Mish and whats shit is that we are now on break :( I just broke down in tears in front of Marge my CF nurse, she said she will come back and see me in the morning as well and told me to talk to Michelle about it, which I was going to do if I could.
I love Michelle so much, and I told her, I was going to wait until we went somewhere special but alas, but at least she now knows how i truly feel about her. She is the only girl I have ever loved and I love her so much and my love grows for her everyday. Im glad she now knows, I was scared if I told her before that I would lose her, but now we are on a break, I would rather her know my true feelings for her. Still we haven't ruled out getting back together later on when our health is back on track and Im going to push as much as possible to get my health back on track to give as much chance as possible to get back with her, no other girl will ever compare to Michelle.

Im really glad we talked though. We have agreed to just go on a break anyway until our health is better, so here goes.

Nothing else really happened, but that was more than enough for me. Either way, I love Michelle from deep within my heart and will alway Love Michelle.

I'll finish it here for now, xxxx

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