Thursday, 5 March 2009

It's My 24th Birthday and Daves (Mishy's Dad) Birthday Too

5th March 2009

Today was the day I turn 24, Wow. I don't feel older to be honest :P Well I was woken up at 6:30am by my sister looking for my laptop lol... She seemed rather concerned because of the amount of coughing. I slept about 4 hours max last night but surprisingly felt ok, though after a little chat with my sister I did go back to bed until 8am, then I finished getting ready, went online for a bit and then set off firstly to town. It had snowed last night and was snowing for a bit into the morning. So it was very cold out, brrrr.

Well I got to town about 9:45am ish and went in to Zoo Jewelry to get Mish a months anniversary present, I got her a charm bracelet, charm and necklace :) I was going to get her mum to give it too her next week as I am likely to be in hospital, which sucks but never mind.

Once I had finally chosen the charm, after 20 odd minutes deciding, I headed off to Mishy Boo's. I tried to take the route that her dad took after the meal at The Trout, but it went a bit ski-riff after Alton lol. I did finally get to Mishy Boo's before 12 though. I had two yummo fresubins on the way hehe. 

First person I saw was my fellow birthday boy, Dave. So I took his present in and gave him it in the house, he was surprised and joyed :) I got him Toffee and a Mug, he seemed to like them, well he loves the toffee :P hehe 
I took a tea up to Michelle, but she was getting ready so I left the tea outside her room for her :) She didn't want me to see her in her PJs today, she said she wanted to look her best for me, but she looks amazing no matter what she is wearing. 
Eventually when he was ready she came down and gave me some presents :D Bev and Dave got me a box of Thorntons Toffee as well hehe, yum yum :D and Mish got me some loooovely Jeans and a funky Top :D She hand made her card as well, it was soooo nice :) Mwah mwah to you Mishy Boo xxxxx :)

We then went into the lounge to relax for a bit and watch some TV and I took a picture of us, not so many pics today but all good :) I gave Mishy Boo her months anniversary present early as I am likely to be in hospital for our months :( But i think she loved them :)
After a while we had yummo lunch... Tomato and Red Pepper Soup made by Bev, it was sooooo nice. We also had Brie, bread and cherry tomatoes, mmmm yummmmmmmm

We then retired back to the lounge with tea and we decided to play scrabble again, we both got dodgy letters, like almost all vowels or consonants, madness I tells thee. In the end Mish won by about 30 or so. Was a good game :)
We then decided we should both really go for a walk, so we did but had to wrap up as it was sooooo cold. We really smashed away the miles, we ended up walking around 3-3.5 miles while talking and recovering fairly quickly after hills. Even the nasty mammoth sharp hills. We had alot of coughingness along the way and we did have our inhalers to help, but all good in all. Mish is considering the 3K at LCH instead of the 10K. Hopefully I will be able to join her on the 3K as well :) and do our best :) 
Mish has improved so much and its so good to see her continuingly improve. :) 

After the walk we were both so tired, we had a mini nap and of course more tea hehe 
Dinner came about and it was Tuna Steaks (new for me), potato dish, cooked cherry tomatoes and cabbage, it all was soooo nice, Bev cooked a very yummy meal. I could have eaten so much more of that it was so nice. Then came the birthday cake for me and dave, we both had to blow out the candles, so they were relit after me hehe. I made a wish but can't say what it was hehe :P But i really hope it comes true, part of it has to a point :)

After dinner we just sat in the lounge chilling out, me and Mish huggled together on the beanie bag :) That was so nice just huggling close with Michelle :) I didn't want to move when we were like that :)

Eventually we had to go up, do nebs and then chill upstairs before going to bed. It was such an amazingly lovely day

Thank you Bev and Dave :)

THANK YOU BABY, you have made this day soooo special for me, Loads and loads of love to you, loads of huggles and Kisses, Mwah mwah mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

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