Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Jog on the parklands and waterfree in the morrow

Today I had another early session (8:30am) on the treadmill and it was a good distance and time, I did 3.41km using the Fartlek (interval training) technique and a managed 30 minutes. I then decided to go to the park for a chill out by the lake as it was I lovely day again. I had a natter to my dad on the phone while there, he was trying to plant seeds so the plants would be ready for summer, think he may have got stabbed by my copious amounts of Cacti and Succulents, hehe. I then walked back to LCH and sat in the grounds for a bit chatting to a mate before going for a walk around the park again, well to walk a lap. 
I then chilled out and did what ever I needed to do. I had chat to some mates while in the unit and had a nap after lunch. 
I woke up just after 2pm and got ready to go for a jog around Victoria Park. I did two laps of the park, which im told is about 2km per lap. it took me about 23 minutes to do, which is good but I wasn't to pleased as I kept wheezing when doing the jog which made me have to slow down and walk for a bit. Still at least I still managed it :) I then walked back to LCH, in all that session with warm up and cool down was 30 minutes :D I did my acapella again, woooo lol
I then just chilled out and chatted to mates and carol for a while and then at 9:30pm I did a 10 minute session on the treadmill at 10%, I only walked but was good, so all in all a very good day for exerciseness :) Woooohoooo :D

I know hope that my ABPA  is not starting to flare up, cus im getting wheezy and thats one of the signs and so is the getting tired quicker. Shall have to see. Oh and for some reason my port has started hurting and is a little bit red. Still could all be nothing. So here is hoping.

Well it seems that for some bizarre reason, Caplin (including the CFU) will be without water from 7:30am to sometime in the evening, grrreat. Just what I need when im having like lots of laxatives. Think my training sessions are going to be increased if i need the toilet due to laxatives and the fact that the Rivere will still have water which is the other end of the hall :s eek. Good old LCHness there. Should be interesting haha

Night night y'all xxx

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