Friday, 6 March 2009

Londinion and Avenue Q'age

6th March 2009

For some reason, though I have finished IVs now, I was awake at 7:30am this morning, before my alarm went off.  Still, I got up and ready at 8am and looked out the window and said hi to Mish about 8:30am, bless her she was fast asleep, almost looking like she was about to fall out of bed. 
By just after 9am I went in to the lounge and sat down there for a bit and then saw Bev and made some Tea for Mish.

Until around just after 3pm me and Mish was just chillaxing in the lounge watching Scrubs Season 7. Mish went off a few times to get ready and chat to her mum, Dave was doing more DIY in the downstaires bathroom, he is inslalling a new wash basin and cupboard, so far is is coming together, he has the frame work in and some tiles laid down and on the wall, it is looking good. 

After some talk and all, we decided that it may be easier for me to stay the night and go in the morning, hopefully Mish will also have her costume by then as well, but we do have a back-up plan :) 

We left to get the train at about 3pm at Haselmere Station, the train was slightly delayed by about 9 minutes, so not terrible but still annoying as we did time it almost to perfection for the 3:15pm train. We got the trains to Leister Square, chatting along the way and listening to music on Mishy Boo's iPod, she has some gooood tune-age. After a little walk-about as we were half hour early we went to the theatre to go get our seats for the show. We were in the Royal Circle, Access Seats, Oh Yeah, great viewage :D The show was soooooo funny, I could see and hear Michelle LOVING the show, especially the 'Bad Idea Bears' hehe, they was sooo funny.  

After the show, which we both loooooved, we was trying to decide what we wanted to have to eat as we were both sooo hungry. In the end we went to Covent Gardens to an Indian Restaurant called Masala Zone, we both had the same dish with Prawns. First time I have ever had Prawns too, they was not bad, I don't think I could have too many but there was just enough. We also decided to have Ice Cream (Mish had Pistachio Ice Cream made with milk and I had Passion Fruit and Raspberry Sorbets). We had a few pictures too, It was such a lovely day again with Mish :) I reckon we will be seeing more musicals in time :) 

We got the train back and while on the main train some idiots came on shouting and swearing over a phone, OMG they was sooo blardy annoying, and worst off they woke up Mish, grrrr. Thank goodness they got off 20 minutes after getting on, stupid ijeits. 
While on the train me and Mish listened to more music and had little chats and chilled out, think we needed the rest, after sll we still did a fair bit of walking, I would count that as good exercise and we was both walking at a pretty damn good pace as well while talking and not too much coughing. 

We got back to my car, drove back to hers and said hi to dave and mates and Bev (Dave had his mates over for a mates game of poker :)) We then decided to go up to her room and relax and do nebbage ad have tea :) We looked things up online, played with my computers built in camera and just chilled out.
My belly has kind of got bigger, this blockage doesn't seem to want to shift, oh well come monday i will see what they say at hotel chest. Until then, I am just going to enjoy spending time with Mish and both of us having fun :) Party tomorrow wooohoooo :D

Night night for now avid followers and bloggers :D xxx

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