Thursday, 5 March 2009

Lunchon and Bikey'o

3rd March 2009

Today I did actually get up a decent time again, 9am, Oh Yeahh. I was to be meeting Mark for lunch in some new pub that we haven't had lunch in yet, oooooo newness :D Hopefully it will be good. So while I waited for a bit and then went to town and parked at the library to sort out my photo's of me and Michelle, well sort out my memory stick and then copy the photo's onto that so I could take them to the photo shop to get printed. 
Once I had sorted out my photo's on my memory stick I went to meet Mark, I was a little bit early so I just waited outside his work and phoned a mate while I waited. He finally turned up and we went to the pub, it looked nice but not as much of a selection of food as O'Neills. I noticed alot of women come in to this pub, so me and Mark was thinking maybe this is more a womens bar than mens, but it was nice to have a change. 

After lunchon I went down to Jessops to get my photo's ordered, oooo excitingness :D I ordered double of all the photo's, so Mishy Boo could have some too :D We look goooooood :D After the long working out of how to order my prints (first time I used the computer system way) I went to pick up my meds at my pharmacy and had a good ol natter to them too :D I used to work there while they looked for a perminent member of staff, I get on with them all well. I don't ever need to ask for my stuff, they just know hehehe.

I then headed home and then later on I went on my spin bike for 45 mins as it was raining outside and I didnt fancy going out, getting wet and cold and then possible getting a cold on top of my belly problems. 

I then relaxed the rest of the night feeeling nakered, but good :) I just went online and chatted to mates and Michelle :D with a belly ache woohooo. 

Mmm biking goodness xxx

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