Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Oh the achievement today at the park :D AND It was lovely out too!!!

I was awake at 7am ish again but today I could not be bothered to get up and out of bed before 9am even though I was awake. Still when I did get up expecting there to be no water, there was. So the water shortage I was expecting was well non-existent. I didn't bother or need to walk to Reviere and to be honest I've seen it and it is not as nice, bright or clean as good ol Caplin. 

Well I did my exercise session covering 3.52km in 30 minutes, i did 3km in 25 minutes, I want to shave of 5 minutes somehow but in time that will come. I did manage to jog at 8km/hr for 10 minutes this time and then a 2 minute rest before doing another 5 minute at 8km/hr and I even did 10km/hr for 2 minutes all at 3% incline. That felt like such a good workout sesh and I recovered pretty quickly too. My SATs remained pretty good dropping no lower than 96% which is awesome. I did my DNAs and Salbutmol nebs before my sesh and i think they helped as I didn't wheez too much this time, but the wheez did come back though. I think the wheezing may just be my ABPA playing up but will see.

After doing my other bits, meds, acapella, lunch etc. I walked down to the hospital grounds with Lonnie and chatted to her before chilling in the grounds and reading a mag. It was too nice to stay in. Then I went back up for a bit, did my nebs and then went for a jog in the park. I was so pleased with myself today, I managed to do two full laps of the park without stopping (well I did a lap, walked, and did another lap). I did a lap in 10 minutes 30 seconds. So that was such a good session, though my legs felt so achy after that, but in a good (I have been worked well) way. I then just chilled for a little bit after that, had a sit in the hall and went back over to the park to chill out and call my close mate Louise, ahh love louise, she is so sweet, we have been there for each other so many times. She is dating this guy, im so hoping it works out for her, bless her, she really needs something nice like that, she really deserves a good relationship after her last one. I then phoned me other mate Aran, his nuts and we are so gay (in a funny way), its so funny. Can't wait to see him again :)

When I got back from the park, i just chilled out and then went and chatted to Carol (my second Mum :D) for a while until dinner came up. We just chat about anything really, I and I talk to her about things on my mind too :) I've known her near 4 years now, wow how time flies. Dinner came and I got some like a piece of cod, well think that was what it was, but I left that. I got belly ache again after eating :( 

Seems my blockage has got worse dam it :( My belly has got bigger again so ugh, the Doctor felt and said my belly is still packed up.  Oh well, I don't think I will be going home tomorrow now dam it. Not only that im still getting wheezy and this time the doctor heard it, so Salbutmol nebs for me 4 times per day and hopefully they will help. I then went out again and chatted a bit to Carol, though I was a little out of breath, think that was cus of my belly, ugh.

I had a nap after Carol went, think I needed, I felt so tired out, think all this exercise is doing me great but really making me tired out now, but i will be persuing my regime of exercise, I am starting to feel the difference and it feels so good. Later after I had rested I went back on the treadmill for 10 minutes at 10% elevation at 5km/hr. That was still hard work but good. 

After that, pure chillage :) been chatting to mates online and resting in bed between meds and shabazle. 

Well it is ward round again, yes that time of the week is once again upon us (monday and thursday), so I will see what the plan of action will be. I have little hope of going home, but then who knows. Still, if i can't go home then I will ask for day release to see my mum on sunday. Ah love my Mum, she has always been there for me and I think me and my Dad are starting to get closer now. Im not sure how much exercise I will get in tomorrow, hopefully three sessions again, but I will do my morning one at least anyway. 

Nighty nights xxx

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