Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Paaaarty and sunday chillage followed by hospitalage

Ok, so it has been a good few days since I blogged up on here so expect a good looooong post :D So to start I start on the party day :D

7th March 2009

Well today as normal I woke up early again and I don't know why I just did. So I got ready and went down stairs and for some reason decided to clean up a little bit. Mish's dad, Dave, had a poker night the night before and well I guess he was going to tired up in the morning but as I was up and all I decided I would clear up the kitchen a bit. Then I got the tea made for me and Mish and the tea ready for Bev and Dave for when they got up. I think I was in on of those tidy up moods and all. 

Still I heard Mish doing her nebs so I thought this was a good as anytime to join and do my nebs and watch a bit of TV with her. We decided that it was best to leave by about 11am so that we could get ready for the fancy dress party that was to start at 7pm. Mish's costume did finally arrive, albeit on the day, which was a very close shave. 
We had some food before we left, some toast :) We then headed off and got to southend about 1:20pm which was not that bad. We stopped by my parents and I introduced Michelle to them and they had a good natter. By 2pm we headed to The Harry pub where we was to have my/mikes party and set up some bits, mainly in the blowing up ad putting up of balloons and a banner. Was fun though, we had a coke each too (well Mish had a diet one). We did a good job on the balloon front and then after by 3pm (I called Grace to make me and mish a bacon hash brown toastd sandwich each, it was soooo yummy but we got belly ache after :s) we headed to Mikes cafe, had a good natter and some munch. 

By 4pm we had to head home to get our selves sorted out, I dropped Mike at Maplins first to go pick up a bulb for Lee and then dropped him back to his cafe and headed home. Me and Mish chilled out for a little bit and then started to get ready for the party. We really did look good as Fred and Wilma Flintstone, Yaba Daba Doooooo :D

Michelle met my sister before the party and they got on sooo well :) My dad took his out fit (Krusty the Clown) with him to the party and mum came back and had her cat outfit ready to wear. Just had to wait for my sister ad her final bit. We finally headed off and got to the party by just after 7pm. There was a few already there, which was great cus it meant i could introduce Michelle to some mates but not too many at once. 
Eventually more turned up at the party and there was just enough of us for the hall, Lee was the DJ for the night. All the costumes looked great :D Everyone put so much effort in to the costumes, it made it so much better. Later Penny, Louis and Nat turned up, all looking good and then Peter and Linda later turned up as well, it was sooo nice to see them all. Even Kate and Liam turned up too which was so nice :) There was much dancing where we could, with much more sitting and relaxing due to coughingness and just knackeredness. Me and Mish both had 2 WKD Blues, mmm nom nom nom. It was funnnn though. Steve and Hanna both decided to get off with each other even though Hanna has a boyfriend, hmmmm.

The party was fantastic, Michelle made it even better and even better still all my mates loved her and I think Michelle really liked them too. Michelle has been invited to trips with me and Mike as well. Now it is my turn to meet her mates, oooo.

Anyway, all in all, the party was fantastic, and Im so glad Mish was there too to meet my friends and family and generally have an awesome time. 

Me and Michelle stayed over at my parents friends house, Sue. It was nice if her to let us stay there for the night :) It was a nice bed and very comfy :) Shame that my belly was being so mean during the party and I making it so I had to sit down more than dance abot like a loon, but was all good though. Think Mish sat down more due to knackeredness too, so we sat down and chatted away to mates and family :)

8th March 2009

We both finally got out of bed at 11am and headed back to my parents place. We then went out to Tesco Basildon and got a PS3 :D which is great and better still not only could I us my discount card, I now got a free game as well (Part of the new package). From there we went in to Basildon shopping centre as Syrone wanted to get me a running watch for my birthday. It was a nice watch as well, I will be using that for my training. Just need to get some running shoes now and im semi-set for my running. Im going to hopefully do the 3K fun run with Mish in june. 

We had lunch in the new food court (ts looking so much better to when i last went there) and I had a Chilli Jacket Potato, Mish had a Cheese Salad which was huge. Dad bought it for us which was lovely of him to do :) 

We had to then head home and me, Mish and Syrone had to then get our bits together and head back home. I headed to Michelle's first after refuelling my car. Took nearly 2 hours, so not too bad, Mish and my sis was having a good old natter :) Finally we got to Michelle's and my sis stayed in the car and slept for a bit and I went in and met her sister and had a tea before they sat down to have dinner and I headed off home to Winch. 

It didn't take us that long to get back to Winchester really. Then when back me and Syrone emptied the car and relaxed for a bit before i got a few bits ready for hospital the next day and went to bed. Though I did stay up for a bit and looked online. Finally went to sleep by 2am.
Week(end) Summary

I have to say that I have had the most fantastic time with Michelle from thursday to sunday. She really did make this birthday the best Iv ever had. 

My sister, parents and friends made the party awesome and Im so happy they all like Michelle :) Not that there was any reason for them not to like her to be honest. Next on the list is meeting her friends, more of her family and our parents meeting each other. Wow, iv never done this much before with a girlfriend. But then Michelle is so much more than any ex before, she means so much more to me and feelings I have for her words just can not describe or explain them enough. 

The weekend was so tiring out but very good too :) Though I have to admit that other than waking round Covent Garden, Dancing at the Party and walking round basildon, I didn't actually do that much in terms of exercise, still guess we all deserve time off from it :P

9th March 2009

Well I got woke up early at 6:30am for some reason, which may have included my sister waking me up looking for the laptop, but I stayed up for a little bit ad had a natter before going bac to sleep until 7:30am and then I got ready and got my bits ready. By 9am I was ready to phone LCH to make sure there was a bed. Well finally at near 10am I got through and told they was expecting me anyway, but made sure there was a bed and got there by 12:30pm which is good going. I found out that Michelle was coming up to get looked at too. I met Natalie finally and had a good old natter with her while I waited for Michelle to get here. I did my X-Rays (my belly appeared to be badly blocked up again) and my lung function which was down again to 58% from 69% from 74%. Oh well I blame the belly :P
Natalie's parents seemed really nice and not too worried me sitting near her daughter, which really surprised Natalie as well. 

When Michelle arrived I took her a tea and we sat in the basement for a bit while she waited to until 3pm to be seen. 

She was asked to do Lung Function, so I went down with her and sat with her while she waited for it to be done. Mel found me down there with Michelle, guessing that I would be with her after she was looking for me. 
Had a chat with Mel, told her I don't want the button anymore which she was not impressed by but oh well. Up to me at the end of the day. Still I will keep it until my belly is sorted out. 
We are not really sure why my belly has suddenly just blocked up though, except Megace. Still we will see.

It seemed that Michelle's lung function dropped to 58% as well and she had a temp so the doc's decided to keep Mish in as well which she was not impressed with but excepted it as she felt yuk later on. Hopefully she will not be in for too long. Im here until my belly is finally sorted out. 

It seems that Mel and Angela both know about me and Mish being together but they haven't really said anything, well Angela said she is happy for us. 

Im not started on IVs, but im on fluids and Gastro. Will have to see how it all goes.

Ill update again tomorrow, night night :) xx

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