Sunday, 15 March 2009

Pounding the treadmill and Parkage baby :D OH YEAHHH!!!

  1. Sorry Iv not posted on here for a bit, iv not really felt like it since thursday after ward round if im honest. So here goes...

13th March 2009

As the day goes, it looked like it was going to be a warm day out, but the clouds decided they wanted to say hello and cover up the sun. I was going to go for a walk in the park to get fresh air, be on my own and just think things through, but i didn't in the end because it looked pretty cold and I didn't have the motivation there to go. I did though up my treadmill jogging up to three sessions a day. I think this for me is a good way to release my stress, anger, frustrations, etc. out. So iv really started to pound the treadmill now, to the extent that the physio thinks im pushing myself way to hard. May be the case but i feel it releases the trapped frustration. 
With my treadmill sessions, I have been managing to jog and walk for 20-25 mins ago and covering a distance of 2.5km plus. So im happy im managing that seeing as last time at my worst I could walk more than 50 meters. 

My appetite has almost completely vanished since thursday, and i reckon iv eaten in all 2.5 half meals worth or less since then. Not good but no appetite and just not felt like eating, think my blockage. Probably not such a good idea really doing as much exercise as i am with so little food intake but hey ho.

As for my bowels, I had an Enema and it was so nasty and it hurt after as well. It is hard to explain but yeah I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I did go to the loo but it wasn't anything to be like thank goodness or wow over, was hardly anything really. So continue on with the stomach stuff I guess. 

14th March 2009

Today was not an easy day, it would have been a month me and Mish would have been together, still in time i reckon we can be good mates :)

Anyway, i did three sessions on the treadmill again today, and slightly pushed myself further in one session running at 12 for a minute and then felt like my lungs had suddenly started shrinking on me, but all good. I know im pushing myself too much but to be honest im not that bothered either. If i collapse im in a hospital anyway so what the hell, best place to push hard. If im still in after tomorrow im going to aim to push myself to do a 3km jog at elevation 2 or more. I'll show them all I can do it and that i am being very anal with my meds as well. I will get my health and fitness back, and I will get my lung function back into the high 80s plus and not come in for along time.

After my lunch time session on the treadmill i went to victoria park (Bonner Gate) and did a lap and a half which i think equates to a mile and a half, that added to my 2.5km exercise session as well, pretty dam good. And so far my sats have only dropped from about 97% to 92% on exercise, so noooo Oxygen for me, not that I would anyway cus im like noooooo

I have brought up so much crapola from my lungs, which is good cus im getting the stuff off, but iv not coughed up the amount i have been before, still my chest now feels clearer. As for my bowels, well I had another Enema and as before, it worked a little bit but still nothing that great. 

15th March 2009

Another early session on the treadmill, well 9:30am session anyway. Then went and did my acapella as well. Im really going for it now, hardcore style or hell for leather. I did another three sessions today, almost an hours worth again, but the last session i just did an incline walk at 5km/hr and incline of 5% for 10 minutes. I went for another walk in the park and did two laps this time which is about 2 miles :) so im really feeling like i can get my fitness back again, hopefully to pre-hospital admissions levels and hopefully that in turn will really knock up my lung function. 
I really felt like a good pound on the treadmill, getting space and time to myself and getting fresh air. I thought that maybe going to feed the ducks in the park would help, but I just could not be bothered, plus such a nice day i just felt like walking and enjoying the rays. So I walked back to LCH and sat in the grounds in the sun.

Had a cool chat have talked in the hallway a little, Sam and Aisha (sp) came and joined in the chatage, was cool.

Oh on the UCAS front all i need to do for my uni application now is my personal statement and finish off my education and I can send the UCAS application for The University of Surrey to study Biomedical Sciences. So that will be like a completely new start for me and if all goes well, hopefully at the end of it I will go in to lab work and get to management level fairly quickly due to my Business Management with Marketing Honours degree. So here is hoping. 

My chest is still clearing a lot of sputum at the moment, I near enough filled half a pot up today, like double yesterday and although Im clearing my chest i am getting belly aches when I eat. I did however manage my first full meal (I didn't have breakfast or lunch though and just had a few Fresubins) since thursday, but I felt bloated and got belly aches after it, and today I had no Kleen Prep, no Enema, nothing, so will see what is on the cards for me next. 
As for not eating much, it is probably not a good idea doing so much exercise but the exercise feels good so I ain't going to stop it. I am now on a mission to get my lung function and health way up again and i really am now enjoying my exercise, it actually feels great afterwards, like energised. 

Until next bloggage, take care my lovelys xxxx

Edited because I said things without really thinking about them before blogging it up. I read up my blog before posting a new one and was like WTF, yeah that needs to be edited, oh im so stupid at ties and don't use that thing called a brain, think it disconnected lol.

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