Sunday, 1 March 2009

Sleepless in Northchapel

28th Feb 2009

I got up at 7am having had less than 4 hours sleep to do my morning IVs. I went downstairs to the kitchen to get my IVs out the fridge and my oh my it was cold, this could because I had only just got out of a nice warm bed. So i did my IVs and then went back upstairs to Michelle's room and got in bed with her and fell asleep again. Mish had got less than three hours sleep. Both of us had a mad coughing night leading to lack of sleep, no fun. Still we both managed to get a good 6 or hours sleep in the end as we didn't get out of bed until after 12 :P 
By 9am Bev (Mish's mum) came in with a cup of tea and biscuits for us both (she called us Romeo and Juliet hehe), by the time we had woken up and bit and was back in the land of the living, our tea's had become just luke-warm, but still good first thing. 
When we finally got out of bed, (after watching TV, Chatting randomness and doing nebs/meds) we headed downstairs and relaxed in the lounge. 
I did my IVs by around 2/3pm and had bacon sandwiches for lunch and cupcakes with pinky red icing, they were sooooo nice, compliments to Bev. 

Once we finished lunch me and Mish went out for a two mile hill walk, we was both able to walk and talk and for Mish that is great, it shows that she is really improving and her health is going in the right direction :) 

After our walk we we just chilled out as we were both tired out. The walk made up for yesterdays lack of exercise though. We watched the forth Futurama Film together. We was still both tired out from the lack of sleep though.

By 6pm, Michelle wanted to have a bath and go read her study books, so I headed off after giving her some hugs and kisses and saying goodbye to Dave and Bev. 
I managed to get home without using my SatNav this time, which is good because it means im starting to get used to the route to Michelle's :)

By 7pm I was home and just wanting to chillaxe and relax, I was so tired out. 

I got my IVs ready for 10pm ish and laid in bed. So while I waited I went online and chatted to mates and waited for Michelle to come online :) When she did we had a nice chat :) 
By 3am I finally managed to get to sleep. For some reason I can't seem to get to sleep that early, I think its the coughing and my sleeping patterns being mucked up. 

Keep well and happy y'all :)

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  1. Hahaha! I love the title u funny guy. Cracked me up