Thursday, 5 March 2009

Surrey University :D Uni-age Wooooh

4th March 2009

Today I got up by 9am and out of bed by 10am to get ready to go to Surrey University (Guildford) to go and look around and talk to someone about Biomedical Sciences degree at the university and about funding. Well I left at 11am and got there just after 12 and parked up and went and looked for the building, I got a map from the security office and told where I was to go. I found the place eventually and went in to the room to find all the people was registered to be there, so one of the hosts took me to someone in admissions for Biochemistry and I had a talk to her about why I want to do the course, what it involved, and so on. She found out from the Student Loans Company that I can get a second loan as Science based degrees are exempt from the governments stop on funding for second degrees, sweeeet or what. 
I would be starting in september and going through a foundation year of study before the start of the degree, 5 years of study, woo. 

The university is really nice and modern. So if all comes together like it seems to be, I will be a student again :D ooo Me and Mish will probably spend alternate weeks at each others university, they are not too far apart from each other by train or car. Its all exciting stuff :D

When I got home I dropped by the pharmacy to pic up my meds again as yesterday they wasn't all ready so i had another chat with them hehehe. I then after a loooong natter went and met my sister in Weatherspoons pub for food and drink, I had a large coke of which for the first time I couldn't finish it, mostly because of my belly. I did have a yummy Five Bean Chilli (with nachos and rice) mmmm yummo's. 

After my sister wanted to go into the library, OMG my belly was bitching at me sooo much, I went and had to go out again to sit down in my car. On the way back, I stopped by Tesco to fuel up for the morning and Syrone ran into Tesco to get a few bits.

Then got home and relaxed. Well my sister went to sleep and I had a shower. 

Tomorrow is the day of my birthday and Daves birthday too, ooo its going to be a fun filled day :D I can't wait to spend it with Michelle :D Yay :D 

Till tomorrow when im old hehe 24 OMG :P xxxxxxxx

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