Monday, 16 March 2009

To 3km and Beyond, whooooosh!!! 83% wooooohooo!!!

I did my three sessions on the treadmill today again, in the morning I did my DNA's before my 25 minutes on the treadmill have a few 8km/hr jogs. I went and scrubbed up and got ready for lung function, oooooo, what will todays RFU hold (thinkage), well I htought lets go for gold here and blew as hard as I could and when I got the results, I was like WOOOOOOW 83%, blardy amazing after 59% on thursday and I the highest it has been since at 2006 or before, so that is like sooooo awesome. 

Then I did my acapella before the ward round, well my chest is feeling amazing but my belly is still playing up so its back to the gastro, mmm nom nom nom, Anaseedy. So hopefully if all gets sorted with the belly then FREEDOM thursday, which I really do hope. I am also hoping that come thursday, well im aiming at least, that i can get my lung function in to the 90s, but if it stays in the 80s i will be happy still. 

I decided that because it was such a lovely day that I would have a stroll in the park before I went did my second session on the treadmill. I hear that the rest of the week is meant to be lovely as well, I hope so, bring on the parkage walks :D
Come my second session on the treadmill, i wanted to do 3km on the treadmill and I did interval training and did 3km in 25 minute, so i will be aiming to lower the time but it is a good start none the less :) I managed with warm up and cool down to do 3.4km which is awesome, so its all on the up :D

My parents came along to visit today, which was nice :) We went to the park and had a drink in the cafe in the park, was really nice and with the weather being as it was, it was lovely. After the park me and my parents just chilled out in the hall nattering to carol and watched bit of the TV. 

Angel came in today, so we had a bit of a natter and catch up before i went and did my final session on the treadmill, this time i thought i would do a bit of hill training, so I cranked the treadmill up to 10% and did minute jogs with 2 minute walks. Felt like such a good workout and it feels like it is getting easier with the more I train. Bring on the 3km fun run RAWR :P

All in all, its been an ace day and I feel grrrrrrreat (as Tony the Tiger would say)

S'laters all xxxx

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